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TUV Series – Dualband TUV-H


High Power UHF, Multi-Channel, Television

power rating: 50

mounting options: Top

  • Combines with VHF and UHF signals into common antenna
  • TUV-H for highband VHF channels 7-13
  • Omni-directional or directional UHF patterns available
  • Similar windload/weight to top mounted VHF antenna
  • Full ERP for both VHF and UHF service
  • Proven UHF pylon design

The award winning Dualband Series antenna features the latest in state of the art design allowing for the transmission of highband VHF and UHF signals from a common aperture. This antenna is ideal VHF broadcaster and UHF broadcaster to share an aperture without adding significant windload to the supporting tower.

*All specifications are subject to change