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TW Series


High Power UHF, Single-Channel, Television

power rating: 470

mounting options: Side

  • Excellent circularity
  • Horizontaly polarized
  • Proven design with low windload
  • Can be structurally designed for stacking
  • Full polycarbonate radome standard
  • Slot covers optional
  • Deicers optional
  • High power handling
  • Elevation gains from 7 (8.45dBd) to 15 (11.76dBd)
  • Other available options are bury mount and side mounting on a tower

This horizontally polarized traveling wave antenna for Channels 7 to 13 uses the reliable technology Dielectric is known for in a very aperture efficient, low windload design. The TW antenna is designed for omnidirectional applications.
This antenna comes with a full radome. The strong polycarbonate radome is impregnated with international orange or white and does not require any painting during its lifetime. Non-radomed versions are available upon request. Pole pressurization is not required for normal operation of the


*Contact factory for application specific mech

*All specifications are subject to change