Rapidly growing antenna maker also hires Chuck Thompson as production supervisor of its newly-created second shift  

RAYMOND, Maine – August 7, 2019 — At a time of high demand from customers in need of antennas and RF systems to meet spectrum repack requirements, Dielectric—the leading manufacturer of purpose-engineered antennas and RF systems for TV and radio broadcasters—today announced that RF specialist Henry Fries has joined the company as manager of RF Systems and Products. Dielectric’s continued business growth has also led to the appointment of Chuck Thompson as production supervisor for the company’s newly-created second shift.

These two appointments are among the many strategic steps that Dielectric is taking to expand its workforce, production capacity, and business development efforts. With more than 30 years of experience rising through the ranks at Comark Communications, Fries will help Dielectric design and develop new RF components, such as combiners for shared antennas, and passive RF systems. He will also focus on improving design workflows, as well as the documentation and manufacturing of Dielectric’s standard and custom RF product lines.

“Besides the immediate focus on the spectrum repack, one of my challenges in this new role will be to explore opportunities that could strengthen demand for Dielectric’s high-power RF systems beyond its traditional broadcast base, including such vertical markets as scientific and industrial applications,” Fries said. “I’m delighted to join Dielectric and to help propel the company forward.”

Thompson comes to Dielectric with broad experience in logistics, operations and manufacturing management, having held senior positions at Noranda Aluminum and Donaldson Company.

Fries and Thompson join Dielectric at a time when the manufacturing demand is rapidly expanding to keep pace with antenna orders from broadcast TV stations impacted by the spectrum repack. Beginning July 23rd, the company officially added a second shift at its Raymond, Maine facility to boost productivity and the delivery of new broadcast products.

Leveraging his extensive logistics management experience, Thompson went right to work interviewing, hiring and overseeing the training of  workers to assume manufacturing roles during the evening shift. “My goal for the second shift is to not only produce more product, but to work as a team with the day shift by providing organizational support that helps them increase their operational efficiency,” Thompson said.

“With their extensive backgrounds and specialized skillsets, we’re fortunate that Henry and Chuck have joined our company at this pivotal time in our history,” said Keith Pelletier, Dielectric’s GM and vice president. “They’re already proving their value by helping us build products of uncompromised quality, while honing our manufacturing processes to maximize operational efficiencies and output.”