Pioneering. Engineering.

Dielectric helped pioneer the broadcast age, with roots as far back as 1942, and our drive to innovate has never waned. Today, we offer the products and technical support to meet every broadcaster’s needs, from low power to high power, whether TV, HD or FM.

With roots dating to 1942, Dielectric helped pioneer the broadcast age, and our drive to innovate has never waned. Over more than 80 years, Dielectric has earned a reputation for offering the world’s most sophisticated antenna and signal-transmission solutions, and an ability to meet the needs of all broadcasters: TV, HD and FM, low- and high-power, serving rural audiences and major metropolitan markets, across the country and around the world.

As we celebrated our 80th year in 2022, we made a commitment to be the industry leader in serving the needs of Broadcasters deploying NextGen TV – ATSC 3.0 standard.

Making history. Making it right.

Dr. Charles “Doc” Brown’s Dielectric Products Corporation started developing transmission lines for early wartime radar systems in 1942.

After the war, Doc Brown’s team applied their innovative technology to inventions for the emerging field of television broadcasting, and Dielectric was soon supplying equipment for all three major television networks.

In 1954 Doc Brown moved the company to his hometown in Raymond, Maine, where it has been headquartered ever since.

In 1994, we installed our first digital antenna, and 15 years later, completed the transition of more than 1,300 broadcasters to DTV. A few years later, our engineering of the HDFMVee master antenna paved the way to HD radio broadcasting.

Dielectric today offers the only broadcast systems designed and manufactured under one roof, including all components from transmitter output to tower top. This enables us to offer a level of customization and quality control unmatched in the industry.

With an extensive patent portfolio and product line, archives of tutorials and white papers, plus data on antennas reaching back to the 1960s, nobody is better prepared to deliver the answers and support you need for the decades to come.

Spanning the market. Spanning the globe.

Dielectric has long been known for complete high-power systems, from transmitter output to tower top, and has developed long-term relationships with virtually all major broadcasters.

In the past decade, our Dielectric Powerlite™ series has become the preferred high-performance solution for smaller budgets and low-power operators, such as local public stations or translator installations.

Dielectric’s reputation for world-class technology and competitive value has expanded our products from the Americas and across Asia.

Our global broadcast-technology expertise enables rapid, effective solutions to challenges whenever and wherever they arise.