Where do I find information on the Dual Switch Controller?

If you are experiencing an issue with your Dielectric dual switch controller, you’ll find a great troubleshooting video in the video area of Technical Resources section of our website. You can also download a PDF of the controller manual from the Manuals section of the website.

Who do I contact for Dehydrator support?

For support, please contact RadioDetection at 1-304-725-1050.

Where & how do I lift my antenna?

This is a critical question and varies per antenna. A User’s Manual should have been supplied with the antenna shipment. You can also find some of these manuals on the Dielectric website, Technical Resources – Dielectric. If you do not find here, please contact our Technical Support at 1.800.341.9678.

RFHAWKEYE – What exactly does this do & how do I interface with it?

Great question! You can learn about this innovative solution for RF transmission system monitoring by downloading this comprehensive RF HAWKEYE® white paper. Also, feel free to contact our Sales Team.

Does Dielectric line interface correctly with Myat / ERI line?

Manufacturers’ transmission lines are not all compatible. Please reference the Transmission Line IB, which highlights the different line sizes viewing or downloading this transmission line manual.

Is my antenna pressurized?

There is a good chance it is, as it’s a design philosophy we follow here. For information on specific antennas, please look at the Manual section of the website Technical Resources – Dielectric.

I need support on an RF Scout

Please give Burk a call at 978-486-3711, or email at support@burk.com.