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  • DCR-C: Right Hand Circularly Polarized
  • HDR-C: Left Hand Circularly Polarized
  • DCR-C/HDR-C IBOC compatible
  • Interleaved provides -40dB of isolation
  • Stainless steel elements
  • Ideal for Class B and C stations
  • 10 kW for a single bay
  • Fine matcher included
  • Radomes or integral deicers optional
  • VSWR field adjustable

The DCR-C/HDR-C is circularly polarized with a power rating of 10 kW for
a single bay, and is available in stacked arrays of up to 12 bays with an
input rating to 40 kW. 14 and 16 bay arrays are available with special
VSWR specifications. For situations where ice formation is common, the
arrays can be equipped with optional electrical deicers or radomes. The
antenna is DC grounded for lightning protection and does not require
shorting stubs. Each array is supplied with an input fine matcher for field

End-Fed or Center-Fed Arrays
Two power distribution methods are used with the DCR-C/HDR-C
antenna. The array is usually end-fed unless it includes beam tilt and/or
null fill. In this case, the sections are fed from a center point. The input
connection in either case is 3-1/8” EIA.

Beam Tilt and Null Fill
Beam tilt and/or null fill are optional extras on the DCR-C/HDR-C series.
These options are ordinarily specified for arrays of 8 bays or more. Arrays
with 6 bays or less may include one or both options and typically are
designed as a center-fed array.

Directional Arrays
The DCR-C/HDR-C antenna series is available in directional arrays which
are custom-built to the needs of the station.
General Specifications
Polarization: Circular
Pattern Circularity in
Free Space: ± 1 dB
VSWR (max.) at Input,
w/o field trim:
Top Mounted 1.2:1
Side Mounted 1.5:1
VSWR (max.) at Input, w/field trim,
Top or Side Mounted
(100 KHz): 1.07:1
Input: 3-1/8″ EIA
Bay Dimensions (without Radome):
Diameter 20.7” (526 mm)
Height 20” (503 mm))
Bay Dimensions (with Radome):
Diameter 30″


*All specifications are subject to change