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DCR-MFE “Funky Elbow”

  • Variable spacing
  • Broad bandwidth capability
  • Array input power 100kW or more
  • Series fed for multi-station operation
  • Circularly polarized
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Low ice sensitivity
  • Fine matcher included
  • Match bay spacing to existing tower for more consistent pattern results
  • Radomes/deicers available

The DCR-MFE antenna is center fed, meeting the needs of high power, high
bandwidth and short spaced bay requirements.
Variable Bay Spacing
Through the use of a series feed system, proper RF phase to each bay is
maintained, even at reduced bay spacings. This allows for bay spacings
between 1/2 and full wavelength. The reduction in bay spacing can have
multiple benefits including: 1) A significant reduction in the amount of
“downward” radiation. 2) Broader elevation beam. 3) More constant patterns.
It must be noted that reducing the bay spacing for a given number of bays
also reduces the gain. An 8 bay with full wavelength spacing has a gain of
4.3x. The elevation pattern of an 8 bay half wavelength with a gain of 2.4x
resembles the elevation pattern of a 4 bay full wavelength in terms of beam
width and gain. A variety of bay spacing is available; contact factory for details.

High Power Input Capability
The DCR-M is designed with input line sizes up to 6-1/8″ EIA. This allows for
array input power levels in excess of 100kW.
Beam Tilt and Null Fill
Beam tilt and/or null fill are options typically offered in arrays of eight bays or
more, however they may also be utilized on smaller arrays.
Directional Arrays
The DCR-MFE antenna is available in directional arrays which are custombuilt
to the needs of the specific station.
Multi-Station Operation
The high power handling and wideband characteristics of the DCR-MFE make
this antenna an excellent alternative to high cost panel antennas.
To aid in selecting the elevation pattern most suitable to your application,
please visit our website and download Dielectric`s Antenna Planning software.

*All specifications are subject to change