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DCR-MT Series Quadrapole Antenna

  • 18 kW Per Bay
  • Omnidirectional within 1 dB
  • Circularly polarized
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Pole or tower top mount
  • Broadband
  • Low ice sensitivity, deicers optional

The DCR-MT top mount version of the popular quadrapole antenna is
specifically designed for those applications where a near perfectly
omnidirectional signal is desired. This antenna is designed to be selfsupporting
above the top of the mounting structure, thus eliminating the
pattern distortion that is caused by mounting the antenna on the side of a
metal tower or pole.
The high strength stainless steel construction provides an extremely rugged
radiating element that imposes minimal windload on the mounting structure.
The antenna base flange is designed to attach to a standard 6” pipe flange.
The inside diameter of a 6” pipe is large enough to pass a standard 3 1/8”
coax flange to feed the antenna. This antenna is currently available in a single
bay design. It is conservatively rated for 18 kW of input power. For more
information on this or other Dielectric products, please contact our factory.

*All specifications are subject to change