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Dielectric offers DCR-M and DCR-S models at ½ wavelength spacing that can cover the entire FM band for purposes of multiplexing signals. The broadband DRC-M and DCR-S antennas can be fed with a single line input or a dual input for redundancy purposes.

The input power rating of DCR-S can be significantly higher than DCR-M models and we can feed it with dual 6” inputs. Average power ratings range from 40kW to over 120kW.

The antenna is offered with customer required beam tilt and null fill requirements. Custom selections are engineered and manufactured at our facility. In addition, both the DCR-M and DCR-S are offered with heaters and radomes.

The full band operation allows many broadcasters to multiplex into the antenna. The antenna is designed to handle the peak power of multiple signals including IBOC signals at -10dB. The DCR-S was designed to handle more stations at a higher safety margin for multipke signals including IBOC at -10dB. The higher peak power design should be considered. Dielectric takes pride in the safe power levels at the design stage to ensure the broadcaster has an antenna that will produce sound quality signals for many years.


  • Superior bandwidth for analog or -10dB IBOC, or both
  • Broadband arrays from 1/2 wave spaced to full wave spacing (see chart)
  • Arrays from 2 to 12 bays
  • Circular polarization
  • Right hand circularly polarized
  • Full FM band operation available in 1/2 spaced arrays
  • Low VSWR
  • Series fed arrays
  • High input power capability
  • Simple design leads to ease of installation
  • Common amplification or high level combined with single input
  • Beam tilt and null fill available
  • Available with radomes or deicers
*All specifications are subject to change