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  • Tunable to any FM channel within 88-108MHz
  • Economical design
  • IBOC compatible
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Ideal for Class A and B stations
  • 1 kW for single bay
  • VSWR field adjustible
  • Simple installation
  • Beam tilt optional
  • Null fill optional

The DCR-T antenna is a low-power version of the DCR-H and is available in one through eight bays with an input power rating up to 8 kW. Each array is field tunable and can be optimized anywhere on the FM dial. The antenna is
DC grounded for lightning protection and does not require shorting stubs.
Branch-Fed Arrays
The array is branch-fed. In this case, the sections are fed from a power divider and each element is 50 Ω (Ohm). The input connection is 1-5/8” EIA. Full wave and half wavelength options available. Upon request, other wavelength spacings are available.


*All specifications are subject to change