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  • Full 20 MHz bandwidth
  • Top mount design
  • Power ratings up to 10 class C stations
  • Stainless steel element
  • Designed for -10 dB IBOC
  • Single or dual EIA inputs
  • Feed point radome standard
  • Low downward radiation
  • Omni-directional pattern
  • RH circular polarization standard
  • Low windband
  • All radiating elements grounded
  • Ideal for separate analog and IBOC transmitter for lower operating cost
  • Can be used with common amplification or high level combining

The FMVee antenna offers ideal characteristics to FM stations desiring the advantages of top mounting and combining many Class C stations.

The Dielectric FMVee radiator consists of three circularly polarized stainless steel radiators mounted around on a structural mast. The wings between each element shape provide better circularity and also isolate adjacent elements.

The omnidirectional pattern will vary by less than +/-2 dB for top mount configurations. The unique design of the FMVee antenna offers control of the elevation pattern by adjusting beam tilt and null fill, which is important to maintain good coverage at any distance.

The FMVee antenna is designed for enabling many high power stations share the top of the tower for best unobstructed transmission. Conservative power rating ensures adequate design headroom for long-term reliability. The Dielectric FMVee antenna can be configured with top bottom split feed. Should standby operation be necessary, one half of the antenna may be used at reduced power.

*All specifications are subject to change