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  • Full 20 MHz bandwidth
  • Power ratings up to 10 class C stations
  • Stainless steel element for excellent reliability
  • Designed for – 10 dB IBOC signals
  • Antenna isolation >40 dB for analog and IBOC
  • Single or dual EIA inputs
  • Element radome standard
  • Low downward radiation
  • Omni-directional free space pattern performance
  • Ideal for space combining analog and digital signals

The HDFMVee antenna offers ideal characteristics to FM stations desiring the advantages of top mounting and combined station operation. This antenna is designed for digital, analog, or both types of service. When operating in dual mode (IBOOC/analog) this antenna is designed for space combing with superior antenna isolation.

Multi-station FM operation where two or more stations share the same antenna has increased in popularity due to the inherent cost savings that con be realized, Multi-station operation with excellent pattern circularity can be achieved with the wide bandwidth characteristics the HDFMVee antenna offers. These characteristics are achieved through the use of broadband radiating elements in conjunction with high power element hybrids.

The unqiue design of the HDFMVee antenna offers precise control of the elevation pattern, which is critical in mobile receiver reception. Beam tilt and null fill may be provided by means of standard phase and power distribution techniques.

The HDFMVee antenna is designed for high power operation enabling station flexibility in transmission system design. Our conservative power rating ensures adequate design headroom for long-term reliability. The Dielectric HDFMVee antenna can be configured with one or two input ports for analog and digital. This feature allows the top and bottom four bays of a typical eight bay antenna to be fed by two independent transmission lines. Should standby operation be necessary, one half of the eight bay antenna may be used at reduced power.

The Dielectric HDFMVee antenna will meet the specific requirements of FM broadcasters worldwide. Your Dielectric representative can provide you with additional information for your review and consideration.

*All specifications are subject to change