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HDR Series Interleaved Antenna

  • IBOC antenna designed to interleave within existing ring style antenna
  • Interleaving allows for simultaneous transmission of analog and IBOC signals
  • Efficient since analog and IBOC operate with independent transmitters
  • Requires approximately 33% less energy than common amplification
  • High isolation between analog and IBOC antennas requires minimal supplemental filtering
  • Both analog and digital have the same azimuth and elevation patterns
  • Interleaved antennas allow redundancy for emergency operations
  • Flexibility in radiator type and feed system design
  • Common aperture with only 5 – 7ft (1.52 – 2.13m) of additional tower space required
  • Designed for -10 dB IBOC signals

When considering cost, efficiency and coverage concerns as well as tower space availability, many FM broadcasters will choose to interleave their digital antenna with either a new or existing analog antenna. The Dielectric HDR Series antenna solutions provide extensive flexibility while maintaining high isolation between the digital and analog system. Two complete circularly polarized antenna arrays are interleaved at half wavelength intervals on a supporting structure. Each antenna array is typically comprised of the same number of elements, and is fed by a separate transmission line connected to the appropriate transmitter. By interleaving the digital left hand-polarized bays with the analog right hand polarized bays, coupling between the antenna systems is greatly reduced. No circulator required.

Since both antennas will have the same tower geometry adjacent to them, the azimuth and elevation patterns of both systems will be the same.

The HDR Series arrays are very cost effective. The operating cost is substantially reduced since two independant transmitters are used..

The HDR Series antenna is available in HDR-H, HDR-C and HDR-M versions depending on specific requirements.

The Dielectric concept is flexible. Interleaving can be applied to any of Dielectric`s ring style circularly polarized antennas.

*All specifications are subject to change