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THV Series

  • Highband VHF directional antenna, channels 7 – 13
  • Top or side mounting options
  • Low windload/economical design
  • Available with custom azimuth patterns
  • Elevation gains from 6.0 (7.78dBd) to 12.0 (10.79dBd) typical
  • Peak gains to 22.8 (13.58dBd)
  • Full polycarbonate radome standard
  • High input power handling
  • Available with CPOL or EPOL

The THV antenna is designed for directional VHF applications in both top and side-mounted configurations. The THV utilizes the simplicity and reliability of pylon technology. This antenna combines high power handling, pattern diversity (elevation and azimuth), and Dielectric’s conservative design approach to produce a superior product for single frequency operations. The THV azimuth pattern can be custom designed to fit a variety of applications, catering to facilities proposing maximization for DTV, those with protection requirements or those wishing to focus the energy towards the market of interest.

*All specifications are subject to change