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TU Series- Deltalite


High Power UHF, Multi-Channel, Television

power rating: 470

mounting options: Both

  • Horizontal polarization
  • Wide impedance bandwidth: 470-860 MHz
  • Stainless steel elements and panel for high reliability
  • Excellent omni azimuth pattern circularity
  • High power handling, up to 100 kW average
  • Custom beam tilt and null fill available
  • Full cylindrical radome for minimum windloading

The TU Series “Deltalite” panel antenna combines the broadband characteristics of a panel antenna with the low windload characteristics of a pylon antenna. TU Series antennas feature sectionalized non-pressurized Fiberglass radomes for easy on tower service. The 30.5” OD fully cylindrical radome allows for reduced windload over standard panel antenna arrays. The full radome also reduces ice sensitivity over that of conventional panel style antennas. Permanent, external, steel pole steps accommodate beacon light servicing.

*All specifications are subject to change