FCC TV Channel Repack

Make sure you’re a part of broadcasting’s future! Download your free guide and view other resources to understand the FCC’s spectrum-reallocation plans.

When it comes to the Repack, we wrote the book

The next few years will see a major shake-up of the broadcast industry as the FCC strives to meet the demand for spectrum. With more stations using Dieletric antennas than those of all other manufacturers combined, we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming the experts on the pending channel repack.

Whether your station plans to relinquish spectrum or is bidding to upgrade spectrum, you can trust the experienced team at Dielectric to clarify the issues you may face, and help ensure your station’s continued success.

Download Your Guide to the FCC TV Channel Repack (at right) for the detailed information you’ll need on:

  • The FCC’s reverse Incentive Auction
  • Equipment Considerations (Antennas, RF Systems, Transmission Lines & Components, and Transmitters)
  • Structural Analysis & Tower Work
  • Staying on-air during the changeover to a new channel 

And check back here often for important updates on the Repack. 

Together, we can work towards a bright future for broadcasting!