RAYMOND, Maine – May 9, 2016 – As the FCC Spectrum Repack approaches, a significant number of broadcasters have already prepared for hardware updates by signing Preferred Customer Agreements with Dielectric.

Dielectric has provided high-power TV antennas to more U.S. stations than all other manufacturers combined, and many are choosing to take advantage of the company’s reputation for technical expertise and reliability when anticipating the requirements of the repack. A substantial number of broadcasters will move to a lower UHF channel or to the VHF band during the multi-year repack process, and will in most cases require a temporary auxiliary antenna to minimize on-air disruption.

“Under the Dielectric Agreement, TV stations will benefit from priority delivery, extended warranties and discounted pricing on certain components,” said Keith Pelletier, vice president and general manager, Dielectric. “We will also ensure our customers have access to emergency services associated with operational disruption — including temporary standby equipment.”

For the duration of the Agreement, participating customers will be entitled to delivery terms more favorable than standard quoted lead times for products. The Agreement also provides an extended five-year warranty on total systems comprised entirely of Dielectric products, including systems requiring specific components for which no equivalent Dielectric alternative is available.

Participants in Dielectric’s Preferred Customer Agreement will receive additional discounts on all passive RF hardware from the output of the transmitter cabinet through to the antenna. For emergency situations, Dielectric will ensure shipment of standby antennas and 3-1/8″ transmission line within 72 hours after notification by a participating station. Requests for 6-1/8″ transmission line will be available for shipment within seven days of notification.

Dielectric will work closely with technically responsible individuals designated by participating broadcasters to define the appropriate products for each station. The benefits of the Preferred Customer Agreement will extend throughout the FCC Spectrum Repack schedule. Please download Dielectric’s exclusive Repack Guide for more information about the spectrum repack.