Intuitive, interactive DASP software gives TV/FM broadcasters and RF consultants powerful, flexible antenna design planning tools ahead of the Spectrum Repack rush

RAYMOND, Maine – May 23, 2016Dielectric, a pioneer in purpose-engineered antennas and RF systems for TV and radio broadcasters, has released version 7.0 of its Dielectric Antenna Systems Planning (DASP) software for TV and FM systems. As the first web-based version of DASP software, the 7.0 release eliminates the less user-friendly download approach of previous versions, and is easily accessible as a free online service at the company’s website.

With the 1995 introduction of DASP, Dielectric was among the first antenna and RF systems suppliers to offer design software. Version 7.0 adds a smart, interactive user interface along with a wide array of new features and functionality, assuring that consultants and broadcasters have the broadest array of planning tools to simplify the upfront system design process.  The online service and richer toolset also further reduces the proposal development timeline for Dielectric proposal engineers, who will quickly become very busy in the early phases of the Spectrum Repack process.

Since it is a web-based program with design import functionality, Dielectric customers will receive updates throughout the year on new products, elevation and azimuth patterns.

“Our newest DASP software will save the broadcast industry from the huge quagmire that an antenna design bottleneck could cause,” said John Schadler, vice president of engineering, Dielectric. “Given the impending TV Spectrum Repack—with increased demand by broadcasters needing to buy and install antennas to support their new DTV channels—we estimate as many as 1400 proposals in a three-month period during the proposal and quotation phase of the Repack. DASP allows industry professionals to be proactive, and take charge of their antenna system planning.”

Based on information that customers input about their antenna needs, the DASP interface guides them through the custom design process. Using DASP’s antenna database, users can confidently match the new antenna’s design to their unique technical parameters, such as polarization, elevation and azimuth patterns, and transmission line requirements.

Once they’ve chosen a basic design direction, the system’s smart menus and inherent logic prevent users from making inappropriate choices that would be incompatible with their technical objectives, such as choosing the wrong transmission line for their desired ERP.

New functionality allows users to flexibly base their designs on either ERP or TPO, and flip back and forth between the two with a simple toggle button. Since DASP 7.0 adds vertical polarization, users can try out different elliptical polarizations, such as a 60/40 or 70/30 split between horizontal and vertical, or a full CP 50/50 circular polarization, and their designs adjust and update automatically. These options will also prove valuable to international TV and global FM broadcasters, given Dielectric’s expansive portfolio of high-power and low-power antennas. Version 7.0 also adds multi-lingual capability to better serve international users, with support for Spanish, Portuguese and German languages.

DASP’s online environment allows users to access the FCC’s database, input their station’s call letters, and import their FCC file pattern. Broadcasters and their RF consultants can explore design options, rotate the pattern for different perspectives, and experiment with gains, powers and polarization, among other attributes, all while viewing their design in relation to the FCC footprint for their coverage area. DASP 7.0 also allows users to export files in multiple file formats that can be transferred directly to the FCC, streamlining the FCC filing process.

Once plans are ready, users can print out a summary of their antenna specifications or send the DASP plans to Dielectric’s engineers. This reduces delivery times because the time-consuming antenna system planning work will have been completed. After reviewing the customer’s plans, including perfecting the design, and confirming the price and product, Dielectric proposal engineers can expedite the order.

In the future, Dielectric plans to embed powerful design software engines—and dynamic pattern generation—into DASP. These more advanced features and capabilities will allow “super-users” of the software service to go beyond planning to fully design their own broadcast antenna systems.

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