The broadcast industry continues to change as we collectively adjust to unforeseen dynamics that affect global business. These dynamics often affect our paths forward as suppliers, channel partners and end users, albeit in different ways.

The news that the longtime supplier RFS will no longer manufacture antennas and filters has raised some questions from end users of that product. What options will they have to sustain their business? Dielectric, the significant leader in USA repack, feels confident in our abilities to service any aspect of the RFS system should the need arise.

Dielectric has spent these last 10 years strengthening our brand by aggressively adding talent, re-envisioning our manufacturing operations, and innovating new TV and FM products and solutions that look forward. Having just celebrated our 80th anniversary, we are here to stay and will continue to build on the strong foundation we have fortified in recent years. Should you have questions or needs, feel free to always reach out as we are confident we have the resources in place to solve any of your future RF needs. We are proud to be here and to reinforce that we are all in this together.