New DCR-E antenna extends benefits of lightweight, high-performance ring-style solutions across entire FM power range

RAYMOND, Maine – March 21, 2024 — NAB Show 2024 brings a new entry to Dielectric’s revered DCR range of FM antennas, extending the benefits of its lightweight, ring-style designs across the entire FM power range. The new DCR-E fills the gap between its lowest power (DCR-T) and higher power (DCR-C, DCR-M, DCR-S and DCR-U) ring antennas, bringing many of the same design and performance characteristics to radio stations requiring input power ratings up to 4kW per bay.

As with all DCR antennas, the DCR-E is lightweight with a robust structure and low windload, increasing long term reliability, simplifying maintenance, and reducing stress on tower and/or building structures. The design architecture is scalable to 12 bays, with each bay weighing only 18 pounds making traditional mounting and installation quick and simple.

The DCR-E element is based on the DCR-T. With this, Dielectric can produce DCR-E antennas under tight deadlines. The common parts also means Dielectric can minimize parts inventory, passing cost savings along to FM customers and making the DCR-E affordable for all FM budgets.

The most notable design difference of the DCR-E is a pressurized balun, which increases its power rating by four times in comparison to the DCR-T. “The DCR-E is an economical solution that fill a gap in our product portfolio,” said John Schadler, Vice President of Engineering, Dielectric. “More importantly, it carries over the same flexibility as our high-power ring style antennas, including stackable bay designs in center of end fed configurations, null fill and beam tilt options and flexible wavelength spacings.”

Schadler adds that FM broadcasters also frequently favor DCR platform ring-style antennas over alternative designs because of their performance traits. “Ring antennas offer better pattern circularity then competitive designs and radiate true circular polarization with a good axial ratio, all of which increases the performance for optimal coverage and market penetration. Optional radomes are available to protect the DCR-E from icing and other weather-related damage.

NAB visitors can learn more about the DCR-E at Booth W3333 in the West Hall of the LVCC, where Dielectric will exhibit from April 14-17.

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