Globo Minas Gerais Station awarded Dielectric, LLC a contract to manufacture a highly customized, full power, Eliptical-Polarization, digital antenna for their tower site in the prestigious Belo Horizonte in Serra do Curral, Belo Horizonte-MG.

“Dielectric is pleased to receive this order, which will exemplify all of our Engineering expertise, including use of our far field range to characterize this antenna and verify its performance prior to it being shipped and installed in Brazil”, stated Keith Pelletier, Vice President of Dielectric.  This was not an elementary antenna, it required close collaboration between the engineering teams to develop the best solution for the Globo site and TV viewers in Brazil.

Globo’s TFU-12GTH/VP-R antenna will be fully measured on Dielectric’s elevated outdoor far field range. The test range consists of a heavyweight turntable platform capable of handling antennas over 100’ tall and 30’ in diameter and weighing over 30,000 lbs. The antenna under test is illuminated by a rotating polarized low side lobe source antenna located over 300’ away on an extendable tower. The range is fully automated and capable of precision horizontal and vertical polarization as well as true axial ratio measurements.

Dielectric has been supplying antennas to Globo for over three decades, and is pleased to be able to continually meet Globo’s, whose Global Network encompasses 28 commercial groups and 9,600 professionals, with top notch solutions and superior products and performance.

Dielectric’s Vice President, Keith Pelletier, went on to say he was pleased with the “long term relationship with Globo and continuously being the supplier of choice for their high profile needs.”   Establishing such relationships are critical; our strategic partnership with IF Telecom has proven invaluable in maintaining a pulse on the broadcast industry and meeting the needs of broadcasters in Brazil.