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FM 2-Channel Combiner

Dielectric introduces a new line of Common Case Channel Combiners that efficiently combine two FM stations (-10dB IBOC compatible) to one antenna. Combiner cost and efficiency is improved by eliminating coaxial Tee junction and associated line/elbows complex. Combiner size is reduced by eliminating coaxial Tee junction making it particularly attractive where space is limited. Dielectric’s common case channel combiner module is field-tunable across the FM band in the event of the need for channel change.


  • Tee junction and delay lines eliminated, resulting in lower initial cost
  • Higher efficiency, lower operating cost
  • IBOC compatible
  • Field-tunable 3 or 4 pole designs
  • Cross coupling provided for tighter isolation and efficiency requirements
  • Compact for space-limited sites
  • 3 kW max output
*All specifications are subject to change