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Dielectric’s dehydrator products have been in service in the broadcast, microwave and telephone industries for over 40 years. Dielectric’s Models 600 and 850 provide a dry air source for a variety of small volume applications (see capacity chart on specification tab). These fully automatic, self-contained units are quiet and compact making them the ideal choice for diverse applications. Adjustable system pressure allows for altitude compensation to assure peak efficiency at any elevation. The Models 2400/3200 are fully enclosed systems providing quieter operation. All models incorporate five independent alarm circuits that can be monitored individually or as a single C.O. alarm. These units are designed to minimize maintenance time through modularized, field replaceable subassemblies.The waveguide dehydrator packages 50015-29, 50014-29 and 50013-29 come complete with everything necessary for a standard installation. The kits include a 2400 dehydrator, excess run alarm, special low pressure regulator (high pressure output option also available), 20 feet of 3/4″ hose and fittings necessary to pressurize your waveguide system.

*All specifications are subject to change