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TFU-UT Bowtie Slot Turnstile Antenna


Multi-Channel, Powerlite UHF, Television

power rating: 470

mounting options: Side

  • Operating Range: 470-860 MHz
  • Horizontally polarized
  • Economical broadband design
  • Self-supporting
  • Can be side or top mounted on tower
  • Two versions:
    • One 7-16 DIN input
    • Two inputs: 7-16 DIN and Type N
  • Two input version capable of combining two channels
  • 7-16 DIN input 1000 W average power rating
  • Type N input 500 W average power rating
  • Low VSWR
  • Aluminum construction
  • ABS radome for environmental protection

Dielectric’s TFU-UT Series turnstile antenna is designed for broadband omni directional horizontally polarized operation. The TFU-UT features a simple feed system and durable construction. The antenna design allows for dual inputs that have been developed for single channel or the simultaneous broadcast of two channels without the need for a combiner.

*All specifications are subject to change