Chuck Thompson Joins Dielectric as Production Supervisor of Second Shift Operations

We’d like to welcome Chuck Thompson, who recently joined Dielectric as our new production supervisor in charge of the recently created evening shift at our Raymond, Maine facility. We added this 2nd shift on July 23rd in order to handle the surge of orders we’ve been receiving for spectrum repack antennas, and to expedite the production and delivery of products in time to meet our customers’ installation deadlines.

Immediately upon joining the company, Chuck went right to work interviewing and hiring new workers for the second shift, as well as supervising their training. He stated that his “goal for the second shift is to not only produce more product, but to work as a team with the day shift by providing organizational support that helps them increase their operational efficiency.”

Prior to joining Dielectric, Chuck built an extensive career in logistics, operations and manufacturing management. He’s held a wide-range of senior positions including: Director of Global Distribution and Logistics at Donaldson Company, in Bloomington, MN and Bissell, Inc., in Grand Rapids, MI.

Keith Pelletier, our general manager and vice president, commented that, “Chuck’s logistics management experience is extremely relevant and valuable to us at a time when we’re striving to expand our workforce, and hone our manufacturing processes to maximize operational efficiencies and output.”

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