More Elbow Room with Dielectric

By: Kim Savage. The elbow is far from the most interesting discussion point in the end-to-end RF system, yet it remains an integral part of the infrastructure. Elbows are typically installed at the transitions between RF system components, as well as the antenna input. Transmission line runs will also require elbows throughout. Tuning is traditionally required in all broadband systems to ensure the signal is locked into frequency, and not contributing to any performance loss.

Dielectric has many broadband antennas and filter/combiner solutions designs in the portfolio that serve a certain range of frequencies. In addition to increasing throughput, these designs help us better meet the challenging deadlines that broadcasters face today, particularly when it comes to repack.

Available immediately, Dielectric’s new standard elbows are being produced in broadband designs to serve Channels 2 through 50, covering both VHF and UHF assignments. The new design removes the need for integrated tuners, as the elbows serve the right channels out of the gate. Installation is quick and simple, and most importantly, the broadband design accelerates the production process at our Raymond manufacturing facility.

Along with our other off-the-shelf broadband products, a minimum level of elbows are stocked and ready to pull for shipment upon order. We invite you to contact your Dielectric representative to learn more.

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