Regional Partner 90 Degrees North Wins Two Large FM Radio Antenna Deals in the Philippines

Diligent marketing efforts on the part of 90 Degrees North, Inc., our regional partner in the Philippines, have substantially raised our visibility and market share throughout the country. This growth is particularly significant for FM radio antennas, as we doubled sales in the second half of 2018 compared to the previous six months.

“Many Filipino radio broadcasters are replacing FM antennas that have been damaged by the region’s numerous typhoons,” said John Achilles Denna, CEO/COO of 90 Degrees North. “Our marketing efforts [in the region] are very timely because many of these broadcasters are upgrading to IBOC-compliant FM radio antennas to attain greater power output, operational efficiency and flexibility.”

For one recent sales win by 90 Degrees North, we at Dielectric will build and ship DCR-T Series low-power FM radio antennas to Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS)—a state-run national radio network operated by the Bureau of Broadcast Services—over a six-month period. PBS will use them to replace aging (non-Dielectric) antennas that have declined in performance.

Our DCR-T Series antenna is designed for low-to-medium power FM radio stations ranging from 1 to 5kW. In addition to broadband capabilities, the DCR-T can be adjusted in the field to operate on specific frequencies, resulting in greater effective radiated power (ERP).

For another sale by 90 Degrees North, we shipped a circularly polarized DCRM-FE Series FM antenna to Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), which operates an FM radio network across the Philippines. The new antenna—which is intended for FEBC’s full-power religious radio station, DZAS-FM serving Mega Manila—includes fine matcher and broadband capabilities. Since the antenna system can be tuned without the need to add fine matchers, the installation saves time and money.

While it replaces an 8-bay half-spaced antenna, the design of this 6-bay antenna affords higher gain from the same footprint, resulting in greater operational and energy efficiency. Given that it’s being installed on the roof of a building, this antenna’s variable bay spacing significantly reduces downward radiation that could harm those below.

Based in Manila, 90 Degrees North, Inc. is a broadcast equipment supplier that also specializes in video and audio production, and systems integration.

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