The Party Continues

By: Kim Savage

Not many companies get to feel the pride that a 75th Anniversary brings. So we are pulling out all the stops with a yearlong celebration. Our employees are feeling the love with our many planned gifts and festivities.

The party started with an All-Employee Meeting in March when we gave everyone free logo-wear—a fabulous Polar fleece jacket with the Dielectric logo and the insignia “75th Anniversary”—while there were still a few weeks of winter left to enjoy them.

The swag didn’t stop there. We also gave out free water bottles and other gifts, with more logos. Our marketing assistant has also been working on other unique giveaways, including a commemorative 75th Anniversary poster.

We also cooked up a little something for Employee Appreciation Day—literally! What’s better than getting out of work early? Having the staff cook lunch for the entire team.

In addition to the special $1500 75th Anniversary scholarship that we awarded to a local student, Emillie Urban of Dirigo High School, we also continue to recognize our “Employee of the Quarter” with a $100 gift card.

While all of these festivities are related to our 75th Anniversary, the appreciation we feel towards our employees and our community outreach will continue for years to come.

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