Why the World Loves Powerlite™

Demand for Powerlite™ antennas is expanding here and abroad
By: Keith Pelletier
We’re seeing strong demand for our Powerlite™ antenna products in the U.S., as well as around the world.

Here at home, the LPTV (low-power TV) market has an immediate need for reliable, cost-effective antenna systems that can relocate stations to new post-repack channels without any interruptions to their valuable local programming.

We expect that many of these LPTV stations will begin making their moves in the next four months, especially in markets where there is no interference from neighboring full-power TV stations. This is because they face intense market pressure from wireless carriers anxious to claim their spectrum.

Our answer to this pressing need is Powerlite, a cost-efficient, future-proof antenna product line designed for LPTV broadcast installations that require 6kW of power or less. Our ample, in-house product inventory gives us the ability to respond quickly to orders with short lead times.

Powerlite LPTV panel antennas (for UHF and VHF channels) are immediately available, while slot antennas can be available within four weeks. These antennas can be ordered in a variety of standard and custom azimuth and elevation patterns. We also offer band-tunable filters that provide future-proofing, and flexible transmission line that can be delivered in just one-to-two weeks.

Around the world, many international broadcasters are finding Powerlite antennas to be perfect for their needs because their RF installations typically require a lot less power than U.S. broadcast operations. And our ability to deliver the units quickly is considered a significant advantage. Within just six weeks, we manufactured and shipped a large $1.2 million order to INSA—(Information Network Security Agency), the Government of Ethiopia’s agency in charge of their DTV rollout—by leveraging our DASP antenna modeling software and broadband antenna and filter designs. This all correlates with Dielectric’s operational strategy to streamline processes and minimize production time.

INSA is in the process of deploying these Powerlite antenna systems across Ethiopia on a very tight timeframe. The initial DTV rollout will support 20 channels of DVB-T2 content across 26 sites.

On this deal, we worked closely with GatesAir, the project’s prime contractor who designed, supplied, installed, tested and commissioned the equipment at all of the sites. The order, which shipped in August 2017, included: TUA panel antennas, tunable filters customized for each station and power level, and 7,000 feet of transmission line.

Powerlite antennas have also been installed at multiple TV sites operated by Grupo Imagen, a nationwide Mexican TV Network. This contract—negotiated with Grupo Imagen Multimedia and their broadcast integrator Escape Audio S.A de C.V.—included slot-style TV antennas, transmission line, filters and interconnects.

Another Mexican broadcast network, TV Azteca, also installed Powerlite antenna systems last year at seven of its TV sites. They chose the product for its cost-efficient operation for 6kW of power or less. A Grupo Salinas company, TV Azteca operates two national television networks in Mexico—Azteca 13 and Azteca 7—comprised of their more than 300 owned and operated stations.

Over the past decade, our Powerlite series has become the preferred high-performance solution for smaller budgets and LPTV operators, such as local public stations or translator installations. In fact, Dielectric has been a long-time member and supporter of the National Translator Association (NTA).

Dielectric’s reputation for world-class technology and competitive value has expanded our market from the Americas to Europe, Asia, Africa and Mexico. We offer flexible payment options and responsive customer service, and as always, all of our antenna systems are Made in America, in Raymond, Maine.

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