Dielectric today offers a full complement of radio products, and the most complete line of television antenna products of any manufacturer in the world. What separates us from any other manufacturer is the precise engineering of each product to ensure the clearest transmission from your specific installation.


We manufacture a full complement of radio products, including some proprietary offerings available nowhere else. Whether your needs are for a digital, analog, or combined antenna, all Dielectric FM antennas and filter products are HD-compatible. The workhorse of the product line is the “ring style”, used extensively for high power broadband applications.

For LPFM stations that want to saturate their listeners in a small coverage area, the most cost-efficient solution is our POWERLITE line. These systems are engineered using high-power design techniques to be extremely durable and trouble-free.

Advances in automotive antenna design rely on the horizontal polarization for FM reception. Dielectric’s quadrupole FM antennas offer superior circularity and bandwidth while maintaining equal horizontal and vertical pattern performance.


Dielectric today offers the most complete line of television antenna products in the world. Our ability to single-source all RF equipment can dramatically reduce errors in the interface between transmitter, RF system, transmission line, and antenna.

Our first digital antenna was installed in 1994. By the time the first DTV transition was complete in the U.S., Dielectric had provided DTV solutions to more than 1300 broadcasters.

Dielectric’s extensive POWERLITE™ line is the most cost-efficient product for customers with broadcast power requirements of 6 kW or less. Dielectric’s engineers used high power design techniques to make this product line extremely durable and trouble-free.

The future of television transmission technology requires higher data rates and more channel capacity. Dielectric is designing antennas that are capable of raising signal strength over a long range.